Hi, it’s been awhile! There’s really no specific topic really to talk about but yeah, I guess this is my 2016 entry post (when the last post was 2013, quite a skip huh?). I won’t spend few more words to have a review of the past year because it’s obvious we all know what happened.

Though I’m no active blogger, I always keep tabs on Hello!Project. Berryz disbanded, Kobushi and Tsubaki were introduced (was it 2015 or 2014?), Maro graduated, Kobushi got major debut, Funaki and Musubu got added to CG, and the biggest impression on me was the Sayashi graduation.

But I’m going to blab about that? No. Amazingly, after sulking for less than two months prior to her graduation, what I feel now is a refreshing “Oh she’s graduated” after less than a month since she did. Hayaii! I thought so.

Because somewhat, the focus was heavily focused on Sayashi alone that the moment she left, other members began to shine. Not that we didn’t had chance to love other members while Sayashi was there, but I’m beginning to hear more about them the following days after her graduation. Like, I only realized how obscured the others was behind Sayashi’s spotlight that I’ve barely heard their names being spoken out loud or realize how beautiful they actually are.

THE 10th GEN!

I love them, they are awesome, funny, quirky, talented, cool, and beautiful – all the assets you’d wish in one generation. I’m quite excited for them. Behold, the beauty of 10th gen!

Haruna is so pretty. Never really given much her attention ’til recently. I love how she can be so funny (blogs particularly) and still her kindness oozes from it. And just how dead gorgeous this girl is?!



Masaki is the same old Masaki. An exotic specie of her own. But with an additional flavor, she’s maturing! LOL. She’s beginning to be this reliable senpai and yet she’s still the crazy insane kid to her senpais. And isn’t she becoming more of a woman each day? How I wish for her to become a center, she got it. The looks, the talent, the confidence on-stage – not until she said she can’t. *sigh* However, she sounds a promising leader. She’s full of fancy words.



Still, my favorite. Ever my favorite. She’s funny. That’s what I love about her. She reminds me of the long, lost Momusu… that quirk. They need it badly more than ever.

She can be so sweet with her words too. I wish her blog gets translated more frequently.


I’m not so much a fan of Duu, I get this waft of bitch-iness from her even though there’s no evidence about it. She just sort of appear like that to me lol. Still, she contributes greatly to the remarkable beauty of 10th gen, so I’d love her the same. Her tomboy-ish chara makes a difference too.


This is just about much how I like her lol

She’s suddenly being groomed as a center too, huh? I’d honestly prefer her voice over Daishi though, even though I’m more a fan of Daishi xD


I’m skipping 9th gen. I’m sorry. Fukuboobs is great but yeah. Ikuta is so kakkoii but yeah. Until Suzuki loses her weight again, I’ll just watch. I’m also not into Sakura no matter how great of a singer she is. They just seemed… tasteless right now. A little bland.

On the otherhand, 12th gen doesn’t seem to grow on me yet (except for Ogata). Maria is already trying to push herself out there with her cutesy antics (she’s generating lots of it). Haga still looked young and shy… Nonaka and her english… but yes, Ogata.


I just love seeing Ogata. Though she’s just as almost invisible as others, she’s still a pleasant thing to look at. She getting cuter although we will never forget the white_pigbot. Until we get loose of some of the senpais then only the 12th gen will shine, I think.


And the last but not the least, outside of Momusu, Uemura Akari!!!! There’s no one that really interest me outside of Momusu’16 aside from Akari. She’s a beauty alright? I heard she’s getting better in singing too!


Had she been not in H!P, she would have gotten herself all sorts of boyfriends.

Well, there’s C-ute too. Yajima is still the perfection of beauty and Airi is still excellent in every single thing- face, singing, dancing, modelling, and that perfectly adorable, garbled speaking. Okai and Hagi more likely a couple now and Nacky. Nacky. Still Nacky.

Well this post had no direction at all. Been just babbling about who makes me excited and who’s pretty. Yeah, I’m easily attracted to the pretty huh? There are also these new faces that until now I haven’t looked at that much. People slowly grow on me, unless they’re very pretty that my eyes will spot and follow them immediately.

Happy 2016!


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Post-PE Era. Welcoming the new girls

It was only until Sayu left that I finally appreciated the new girls (the incomers since, after EriJunLin grad). Maybe it was because there was no ichiban kawaii anymore, that I started to see how cute the new girls are. And it was due to PE era I became a fan. I loved their mature, lady-like looks that it took a long time for me to love the child-like looks of younger gens. Sayu was like the last straw of that idea. Now that she’s gone, there are only kiddies around! I can’t help it also if Sayu had somehow, opened my side of a lolicon.

Alright! This isn’t exactly a ranking but the list of the girls I’m rooting for, or the new girls who caught my attention. Yep, I’ve been calling them new girls though some of the are long here by now. It was really only until now I properly accepted them. Sorry. Let’s start!

1. Ishida Ayumi

The first time I saw her, I can’t get over the fact that there’s something unidol-like on the features of her face (like how the area beneath her eyes are swollen, though it’s not completely eyebags). But if you take a look to an official photo of her, you’d see she has the most piercing gaze which I am highly-appreciative of. Aside that it proves how this young girl/newbie is capable of a slightly-mature look, such look makes the photo alive among the rest.

Years forward, “Daishii feel” became popular among fans. She became that quirky, funny girl. With that poor joke that I don’t really mind. How her unmeasured happiness is always caught on-cam. These idols always know how to be cute, whatever they might be doing, but Daishii is… just not may be aware of this unofficial rule. She’s just pure fun. positive energy. I love following her translated blogposts too. There are times when it felt honest through and through. And that she always makes it funny. Haha. She’s genuine.

2. Uemura Akari

This girl was the reason I realized I should now hug all these new girls already. I saw her recent UTB shots and it was instant love! I didn’t even know her beforehand xD  She was stunning and pleasing to look at. I once again felt the rush to know who the eff this cutie is?! for the first time in ages. She’s hot for a pretty young age. She’s pretty. She’s beautiful. And she’s a klutz or maybe a bipolar even. the latter was a joke though. Uemu might have taken the first place. But it was only a few weeks since the first time I met her lol. Since Daishi had grown on me for some time now, I gave her the spot. I learned that she’s a back-row member (sadly) that there’s a scant of sources to know more about her. It doesn’t help also that their group is just a few years old. but I expect more to know about her and maybe, snatch that place I initially reserved for her.

3. Ogata Haruna

She’s one of them! She’s new, so the basis of choosing her as one of my faves was the first impression (through looks). It actually began when I had to choose who seems the cutest to me in their generation photo. She’s not the actually the prettiest (since there’s maria and haga), but there was something about her I saw back then… It was her eyes I guess (again!). It was brown and round, and she looks so soft but not exactly since she’s not thin and frail like haga. I don’t know if I justified that moment enough. And when those wacky pictures surfaced, it assured me that I did like the right girl. It makes me laugh how she always looks cute in her blogpost, knowing that there’s bunch of her wacky pictures surfacing on the net lol. I wonder how much restraining this girl is applying. I’m looking forward for her character development, and skills of course 😀


After Sayu left, I thought there was no one else to follow as much as I did for PE members (Kameee!!! T^T). But her departure was actually a beginning of something new. I saw the other members shine. Riho was beginning to become a random goof too. Mizuki is a leader. And everyone was actually cuter than I thought before (since there’s no ichiban kawaii to stare at anymore lol). Long live harupuro and thank you for your endeavor to seek the cutest and most talented girls out there.



since i can’t get enough of wacky ogata.

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Rikako and… err. and. sheesh. Made it to 3rd gen !

So sometime ago, or a day ago or a couple (I don’t really remember, college-induced stress makes me forget the time), 3rd gen of soon to be name-changed s/mileage was unveiled! Yey~ not that I really follow the group, I won’t really be bothered by their news pooping as of recent (but that KnTm caught me, being a top wota and all..)

So yeaaahh~! My interest was caught by seeing Rikako there! Whooaaa yeaaahhh whoohhoooo!


I can’t see anyone there but her face. I don’t even remember the names of the other 3rdgens. I can only see Rikako, and Aya. Aren’t they a beauty??? Rikako’s beauty is in another level though. Not that usual, bangsandall girl who look like everyone elses.

Anyways, congrats Rika-chan!


This photo is actually a private one from her mom’s facebook! I don’t know if it’s alright to post it. We fans traditionally spare that ‘privacy’ for our idols as a form of respect, but will it still work for the new Rikako when it’s her mom actually posting it in a popular social site for everyone to see? Before even Rikako debuted, I already knew how her mom looks like, her papa looks like, and her brother and her sister look like. I am seem more likely to learn all of their birthdays soon enough. Mom posts just like an average person will do in facebook, and their life events’ are public too. Mama is very proud of her Rikako to post all their happytime togetherssss.

I wonder if there would still be happy time now Rikako debuted.

Oh, and she’s very close with her papa. Seemed a very good and supportive papa. They seem a happy family, and Rikako is one valid proof of the good home she came from.

Anyways she’s a half-Japanese, half-Filipina that has the special skill of cracking an egg with one hand. Maybe with her training in S/mileage, or whatever future group name, she’ll be able to crack two at the same time! Or maybe she’ll use both hands to achieve it. Oh wells.

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Hooray 12thgen! —?


So the 12th gen was already announced in the Budokan concert of September 30 by the leader, Sayumi herself ! It’s pretty weird not seeing Tsunku entering the scene with his own rendition of some songs… maybe that’s why we are told of the announcement’s date before hand. Tsunku wouldn’t be able to surprise us himself. On a little side note: fret not though, his canncer is on remission. Banzai!

Here’s a live report from

So these are Makino Maria, Haga Akane, NomiyaNonaka Miki, and Ogata Haruna– ok that was without peeking at the reports and I’m bad at remembering names. Did I get everyone correct? (ah, Nonaka Miki xD )

And No, I won’t waste my time re-telling you what had been already in report. That had already been before your eyes in the past 24 hours. So, thoughts everybody?

the first thing I noticed that everybody was already in par with the current members’ cuteness. 9th gen was the first time I had been able to follow in real time, and I can remember the said gen and the following gens of how they looked awkward and weird upon joining. When 10th gen joined, you can tell how much of a newbie they are compared to the shining faces of 9th gen even after a dance rehearsal. I guess newbies tend to have stiff smiles and awkward posture, but 12th gen is already looking cute and wonderful. I guess the white dresses works for the look, I hope they’d dress the following generations better for introduction.


People were commenting on how this new girl looks like tsuji, riho or sayumi. Oh, Miki, or Haga? do look like Riho. Eh ? I was wondering why they’d let that happen. I don’t know, aside from being cute, they must put thought on how a girl will stand-out in choosing them. So looking terribly like someone is a fail already in this, imo.


You can barely tell them apart.


Most possibly, no one would retain in your mind if you saw them for the first time. A non-H!P fan would most likely just see them in TV or ad, so within those few seconds of catching a glimpse of them, looks will be the first-hand basis of getting them hooked (aside from music?).

black hair. bangs. fair complexion. eyes. smile…. peace signs. one face.

Makino Maria does look cute though… or was it just because Sayu dedicated a whole blog post of her already?

I haven’t heard their singing skills yet. People were posting some audio clips from their diagnostic test (what was that?) but Uu haven’t tried listening to any of them yet. Yes, I’m not trying to make myself a fan yet. just that regular lurker that follows momusu, but not following them one by one to the depths of fandom news.

Miki’s english was impressive though ! Though I don’t see this a weapon to worldwide popularity. But it would be awesome f she could stand a translator herself in their overseas performances 😀

I was cheering-on for Rikako before the announcements were made. Anybody else?

Still, just like those people oon H!O, I learned that you just have to accept what the management is doing in order to keep loving the momusu. Yes, they are full of random shit, but these girls were not in fault and they just tend to get more lovable each day. They’ll just grow into you, whoever gets into that group. But to some, or most, you can’t also avoid the fact that you’d end-up disliking one above all else, just like having an oshimen.

So I’m really looking forward to the growth of these girls

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What are you doing Abe ?!

No, this is not a newsworthy article. Just something personal that somehow keeps popping in my mind the entire day. And it’s 12 midnight as I’m typing this.

Natsumi Abe was in my dreams.

— so what?








And that she was flirting with me.

— whutda–


No seriously. What is a Nacchi doing in my dreams, much less flirting??!

I’m used having my Hello!Dreams. There was Sayu, aichan, reina, eri, sayu, airi, maimi, momo, and I’m more eager to see them there coz I’m a fan of them and I do fantasize them somehow. But it shocked me to have an Abe when I woke-up and realization hit me.

Well, Nacchi’s cute. It’s just, weird. She was kissing me in some places, though I’m cautious to liplock when she attempted. Maybe it was that movie “Naked Weapon”, that feeling you can barely trust your fellow girl. Maybe I’m scared I’d fall into her coz she was just that charming. (and that I’m a bit gay that I wouldn’t say no to such a cute girl as her. Oh why are you only a dream?)

So in the end I killed her. Twisted a bone (spinal chord?) that she turned blue.



I told you, it's that Naked Weapon film!!!

I told you, it’s that Naked Weapon film!!!

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°C-ute new MVs wiii~ what a joy xD

I was wondering when inspiration will hit me to write a post…

Then came ℃-ute. Always, and always never failing to amaze me these past singles.

I think I’m beginning to love them.  Shame. I began my fandom following on Berryz Koubou (due to momo), wondering for the fate of other kids’ group and not minding an adult women’s group. There wasn’t four-girls group of long legs back then yet. Yeah, I started that way. But look now, Im following Momusu more than ever, and my respect for Kyuto is growing. And berryz doesn’t appeal to me that much anymore…

I first started watching itoshi gurashii and it looked so cute!


I mean, I didn’t even realized too soon that it was one of those typical PVs ?maybe low-budgeted even, but im not really a good judge ’bout that stuff.. well anyways, it doesn’t really matter to me! I like how naughty the camera was at first, and all those comic-like effects. those rays and burst of colors was fun. The outfits were terribly cute, and the girls of course, was so cute and perfect as always. though the music suggest something fun, i like how haughty they looked lol.

And I really appreciate the lyrics. Im a college student myself so I can relate to everything they were singing. The lyrics that hit me the most was,

I’ll go on a diet next year

Hunger is the worst enemy for studying

But he likes my chubby figure too, so…

Noticed Airi was pouting a lot. I’d rather see her smile.

airi pout    Untitled-11

It kind of makes her lips look thinner and longer. Pouting for me should somehow give your lips a look that makes it fuller and shiny if so, kissable or like. and the act itself can make you so adorable and innocent while being so tempting underneath. Well anyways, the lyrics will relate the most to her, being a college and all those past issues.. I hope Airi likes it a lot. I won’t doubt it Tsunku found her as the inspiration for this song.

— > and as I was writing this, damn, forgot my password. Even my mail account locked itself on me. Wonders when I can post…

Then found Aitte Motto Zanshin. While Hitori Gurashii is cute, this is terribly coooool.

Their dancing, is superb. The kind of movement that includes fast motion on a normal pace, locking and sharpness that is mostly done with the aid of edit and effects. I remember their admiration towards Momusu’s dance formations and I don’t think they fall quite behind. Momusu’s look complicated due to many-membered formations and the need of perfect team coordination to execute the moves. They excel a bit more due to riho and ayumi’s pro-dancing. Kyuto however, are only composed of five who all are, undeniably, dances well.

This song reminds me of Adam and Eve’s because of its nature and lyrics. And I like it even better that adam and eve. Well, who wouldn’t love the girls acting all-wild around !



and the setting was just as dark as smexy good it is.

So it first started with a silhouette.. a perfect introduction to whatever lies next. mmm, legs~


it is maimi anyways. dang, even without overdoing the moves or still do, she still looked hot as ever



Uhmm yeah, nacky’s going to bang herself… in such a sexy way.


Chisa sure must look proud for finally having the kind of style ai-chan had.. spiky and hair spraysss.


Airi does rock and I quite favored her a lot among other members, but yeah this time I think other members outshone her. mai looks… plainly adorable to me. gotta admit that nakky won me here. she’s so sexy and pictures cannot even catch how good she does it. even back at the first mv, she’s adorable too.


maimi surely gonna have a good time watching their MV, and someone’s close-up ver…

i like both MVs. I appreciate hitori gurashii because of it’s meaning… and AMZ for the girls’ expressions. i like it when they do that, since they’re all-smiley all the time.. I thought it had always been airi who stood-out, but now she merely seemed to me a lead singer and everybody shines in their own way. well anyways, it depends upon my mood and how i see them… maybe tomorrow im here praising airi and mai while watching something. it changes, really…

so here’s their MVs if anyone hadn’t watched it yet 🙂



and a humorless joke. ok, this is just some random thingie 😦


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Learn to Express, Not to Impress

Errr.. Hello.

I only made an account to do a comment for the first time in Morningtime. Was surprised to see that an account equals to an instant blogging opportunity. Well here it is already, so why not try?

I already did blogging before, which was mostly for the sake of my beloved H!P fandom. But I was young then and I might have only wanted followers. I kind of admired wotakunow and morningtime then. They seemed so popular and funny. Thus it disappointed me when there is a low rate of readers. So I stopped. It was also the same time I’ve read from someone else’s blog this : “Write to express, not to impress.” I felt ashamed of myself then.

So now, getting back to this blogging business, I want to apply it to myself too. I just wanted some place where I can breath myself. My thoughts, feelings and whatnots. I won’t bother seeking out for readers. I won’t know if there’ll be someone reading this. It’ll be just me. A honest me.

I’m still a fan and I don’t know if this will be strictly Hello!Project related or also a personal-inflicted blog. I’m just a random girl with concealed emotions. i might just have to let it out sometimes. But isn’t being a H!P fan taken as personal too?

If someone will read this. Great 🙂 Someone bothered. But if none, life goes on.

I’ll be better known ayeahh [!]- i wanted to include that exclamation mark but doesn’t allow- and I love Hello!Project. Not the whole of it as S/mileage rarely gets me into their thing and berryz doesn’t appeal much to me anymore but yeah. But consider it whole as I love the totality of the weird and different feel H!P has. I mean, they’re not the usual thing you’d find on the road. They’re just so alien sometimes. Which loving it makes me different from the normalcy of the world I’m situated in.


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